Fireside Cotton Duck Pinch Pleated Insulated Drapery Pairs
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Ellis Curtain Fireside Pinch Pleated Thermal Insulated Drape Pair

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Change and improve the look and feel of any room with a set of Fireside Pinch Pleated Curtains. Made with a 100-percent cotton face and 80-percent acrylic/ 20-percent cotton foam back you are sure to get a curtain that’s both beautiful and functional. The 100-percent heavyweight soft cotton face creates a smooth draping effect and softer texture that sometimes can't be achieved with inferior synthetic fabrics. Constructed into the curtain is the thermal insulated foam backing. The benefits to you are improved light blocking and insulating qualities that save energy and money year round. The pre gathered pleated curtains are easily hung on a drapery or traverse rod with drapery rings and pinch clips or drapery hooks.

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Product Description

  • These lovely drapes combine energy savings with beauty
  • Fireside pinch-pleated drapes are made with 100% cotton duck cloth fabric with an insulating foam backing. This helps stop the heating effects of sun, and the cold drafts sneaking through your windows.
  • Sold as a pair (2 pieces). These exquisite Drapery Panels are available in a variety of sizes including widths from 48 to 144 inches wide per pair. Choose 63 or  84 inch length. 
  • The fabric manufacturer recommends dry cleaning
  • Quality made in the U.S.A.
  • Size:
    • 48”Wide = 2 x 24”W panels for up to 48”wide window, 10 pleats /set (5/panel) 14 hooks or rings
    • 72”Wide = 2 x 36”W panels for up to 72”W window, 16 pleats (8/panel) 20 hooks or rings
    • 96”Wide = 2 x 48”W panels for up to 96”W window, 22 pleats (11/panel) 26 hooks or rings
    • 120”Wide = 2 x 60”W panels for up to 120”W window, 28 pleats (14/panel) 32 hooks or rings
    • 144”Wide = 2 x 72”W panels for up to 144”W window, 34 pleats (17/panel) 38 hooks or rings
  • Material: 100% Cotton Face / 100% Acrylic White Lining
  • Care Instructions: Dry Cleaning Recommended
  • Quality product by A.L. Ellis, Inc., Made in U.S.A