Who wouldn’t love having a spa bathroom environment right in their own home?  As the fourth installment of my Dream Home Bathroom makeover I’d like to show you how easy it is.  Creating that spa look at home is very easy and will pay off in the long run when you come home and relax.  To create the spa look you want to start off with a basic neutral color.  For my inspiration I chose grey as it goes with so many different other colors.

Thistle Gray and Blue Modern Shower Curtain by interDesign was my starting piece for this spa bathroom inspiration.  The Thistle Gray and Blue Modern Shower Curtain by Interdesign offers a contemporary take on a modern floral like no other. This gorgeous style features a sky blue, white, and black design on a steel gray background. In addition, the Thistle Gray and Blue Modern Shower Curtain by Interdesign is washable and fade resistant. Rust proof metal grommets also ensure that this design will hold up to years of stylish use.  With all the great features of this curtain it is a prefect place to start a style make-over.

Spa Bathroom Design
Create your own spa bathroom with soothing grays.

Since we are going with a relaxing spa feel I continued using grey and silver accents to not overwhelm the room with color.  The Trump Home Parc East Grid Bath Accessories capture the richness and sophistication that is Trump style with this modernistic bath collection.  This looks adds the luxury feel to the bathroom.  The Royale Grey Flannel Rugs match well and add in a natural sheen that along with the soothing color will easily coordinate any bathroom.  The Aire Lite Lux Storm Grey Fast-Drying Towel are extremely soft and absorbent.  These luxurious cotton towels are quick drying so they need less time in the dryer, saving energy and money.