The holidays are approaching and your bath rug is weary from a long season of salt and sun. It’s time to give the “privy” some TLC with new rugs, but what is more uninteresting than a bath rug? Its only purpose is to soak up water, right? 

Decor wise, bath rugs offer more potential than you might give them credit for. Not only can they protect your floor and provide a comfortable surface for stepping out of the shower, they can beautify the room and enhance your theme and color palette. If you’re on board for an update, let’s take a closer look at what factors to consider when shopping for new rugs for the bath.

Size and Shape 

Selecting the perfect bath rugs means deciding first of all what shape and size is right for the space. A full bathroom that includes a shower and tub might have space for more than one rug — maybe a large rug near the vanity and two smaller rugs in areas vulnerable to water. Other baths one have room for one small rugs. Some people also like to put a rug around the base of the toilet or indulge in a matching set like this one that comes in a palette of jewel tones. 

Most bath rugs are rectangular, but you’ll find many shapes — squares, circles, and ovals like our Regence Home Fast Track Oval Bath Rug, which comes in three different sizes. There’s no rule that says you need to use only one shape throughout the bath, so experiment with the idea of combining shapes. A circular or oval mat can be enhanced with similar shapes nearby, so try a round mirror on the wall or an oval toiletries shelf. If you have a big bathroom, you could even use a full-sized rug like this one by Mohawk Wellington. Use a tape measure and write down the measurements of the space you have available before making your final choices. 


Bath rugs provide the chance to play with color in the space, lifting out subtle tones or going for bold, bright statements. You can find solid rugs in a range of tones and hues, patterned rugs, and even holiday-themes like this Harvest Home Pumpkin Leaves Memory Foam Bath Mat. The colors you select should look good against the flooring and also compliment other elements of the room. Consider basic principles as you shop. For example, a darker tone will create what we call “negative space,” but might provide a beautiful contrast against white or light-colored walls. A light-colored rug might be the perfect accent against a wood floor or tile, and a patterned rug might be just what you need to bring some interest into an otherwise bland space. 

When experimenting with color, remember that bath mats often get a lot of use and are subject to many cycles of washing and drying. Even an average level of wear and tear can cause the color to fade over time. 


Since bath rugs are made from a wide range of materials, it can be fun to think about how texture affects your space. When choosing a material for your bath rugs, you might first think about the primary function of soaking up water. A cotton rug will likely be more absorbent than one made of polyester, for example, and a jute rug will take a long time to dry. Choose according to your needs. If mold is an issue that worries you, there are many rugs that have anti-bacterial backings made of latex, which is also nice for its anti-skid property. Backings aren’t the only way to prevent skidding — look also at rugs with woven indentations that help wet toes dig in. One example? Our beautiful line of 100% Egyptian cotton rugs by Kassatex. They come in a gorgeous palette of bright colors! 

When your bare feet will come into contact with the bath rug, choose a texture and material that feels good against the skin. Think also about any foot conditions you or anyone in your family might have, such as plantar fasciitis, that causes sensitivity. In this case, you might choose an extra-padded bath rug or mat or one made of memory foam.


When your new bath rugs arrive, lay them out for a day to allow wrinkles to fall away. Some rugs might even take longer to lose their distortion after being rolled for a long time. You can vacuum the rugs or just use your hand to perfect their pile. Test them out in the bath to make sure they aren’t skidding, and consider a rug pad if they do. And don’t forget that bath rugs aren’t your only option. Some people love full carpet in the bath, and installation can be easy with products like our Garland Premium Cut-to-Fit Bath Carpet. All you need to do is take some quick measurements and cut accordingly. 

With new bath rugs in place, your bathroom becomes a safe and cozy place ready for holiday entertaining! Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your kitchen rugs too?