While it is not the lowest priced blanket, most properties find it has the lowest cost per use. The Vellux Blanket is manufactured using a polyurethane foam insulating base, providing outstanding warmth without heavy weight.  Then a reinforcing scrim, or webbing layer, is bonded in between two layers of the polyurethane foam.  A colored adhesive is then added, which provides the blanket with a base color.  Adhering to this adhesive are millions of tiny nylon fibers, which pass through an electrostatic field, making them stand on end and drives them vertically into the blanket.  Because the fibers are very small in diameter, the blanket is very soft and pliable.

It’s nice to feel toasty under a blanket, but if you don’t want to feel smothered by a heavy cover, the WestPoint Home Vellux Blanket is a great choice. In addition to being hypo-allergenic and durable, this Vellux nylon blanket offers warmth without the weight.  

The biggest benefit of the Vellux Blanket is it is extremely long life.  Due to the construction method, it can be machine washed over and over without pilling, shrinking, or melting – common problems with acrylic blankets.  Additionally, the Vellux Blankets are hypo-allergenic due to its non-pilling nature.  

Available in a rainbow of colors, this year-round blanket is made for snuggling. 100% nylon on an insulating foam base. Insulates and retains heat. Gets softer after every wash. Hypo-allergenic and machine washable. Available in several colors. Comes in full, twin, queen, and king sizes.