Whether you’re having a few friends over for a casual get-together or hosting a formal seated dinner, a tablecloth adds a visual backdrop to any occasion that you’re hosting. Think of it as the primer to any table: It sets the mood and the tone of the meal.

Shopping for tablecloths can be confusing, however. Not only do they come in a range of colors and prints, but they’re also available in a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes. To make the process as painless as possible, follow these steps to calculate the size of tablecloth you should be buying. Plus, keep reading for the easiest tablecloth sizing cheat sheet you’ll ever see!

How to Buy the Right-Sized Tablecloth

Here’s how to calculate your ideal tablecloth size, no matter how small or large your table is.

  1. Get your table ready to be sized. This seems obvious, but we’ll bring it up anyway: If you have an extendable table with leaves, make sure to extend or shrink your table to the size you’ll be using before you measure your table for linens. For a casual tablecloth, this will probably be the table size you use most frequently. If you’re hosting a formal dinner, it’ll be the dimensions you plan to use for your special occasion.
  2. Calculate your tabletop dimensions. Measure both table length and width. For either, this is most easily accomplished by measuring from the center of your table outward, then multiplying the measurement by two.
  3. Factor in the “drop” you want. Determine the desired length of your tablecloth drop (how far over your table you want the cloth to hang). At Altmeyer’s BedBathHome, we consider the standard drop to be 10 inches. Anything less than six will make your table look out of proportion and your linens too small. You can also extend your drop for a more formal look, but if you do this, you should measure the difference between the table and the chairs to see what will look good when chairs are pushed under the table without gathering too much fabric or draping on your guests’ laps.
  4. Do a little table math. For a rectangular table, multiple your desired drop by two, then add on the actual measurements of the table. For example, if you’re going for a 10-inch drop and your table is 68 inches long, your mathematical equation would be 10 (the desired drop, in inches) multiplied by 2 (to factor in both sides of the table) with 68 (the length of your table) added. Thus, your desired tablecloth length would be 88 inches.
  5. For a round table, tweak the formula. For a round table,  calculate the size slightly differently. You’ll want to multiple your desired drop by two, then measure the table through its diameter from one side to the other, adding that to the total number. For instance, if your round table has a 50-inch diameter and you want a 10-inch drop, your calculation would be (10 x 2) + 50, which equals 70. Your desired tablecloth size would be a 70-inch round.
  6. If you don’t find the exact size that you want, don’t panic! Should you have a hard time finding the exact size you want, then simply size up to the next available size.

Follow our quick and easy tablecloth size calculators below to help you select the right size on the go.

Rectangular Tablecloth Size Calculator

Our tablecloths tend to fit most rectangular tables with widths between 42 inches and 55 inches.


 Table Length Tablecloth Size
62″ to 72″ 60″ x 90″
80″ to 92″ 60″ x 108″
96″ to 110″ 60″ x 126″
110″ to 126″ 60″ x 144″

Round Tablecloth Size Calculator

If you’re shopping for a round tablecloth instead, then follow these parameters.


Table Size Tablecloth Size
42″ to 55″ Round 70″ Round
55″ to 70″ Round 90″ Round


If you don’t have measuring tape handy or you’re already in the store shopping for a tablecloth without measurements, then bookmark the approximate guidelines below.


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