shower organizer ideas

There’s nothing like a hot shower to get your day going, but showering can be complicated. Most of us need some extra storage space in the bath to do it right. Shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap, body wash, pumice stones, washcloths, exfoliators, and even toothbrushes are common companions when we wash, but there’s often not enough room for all the shower supplies we need. After all, the slippery shower floor is no place for trip hazards. Shower organizer ideas are in order not only to keep you clean, but also to keep you safe! 

Shower organizers, like a shower basket or shower caddy, are the answer to keeping your shower space organized and clutter-free without sacrificing too much space. Some shower storage hangs on the shower wall with suction cups or adhesive strips, but some units can simply hang over the shower head or the shower door with no hardware required. Choosing the right bathroom storage ideas for your shower can be a challenge, but we’ve put together this list to get you started.

Shower organizer ideas: A hanging organizer

The classic solution for more bathroom space is a hanging shower caddy that easily installs over the shower head. Most caddies hold bar soap and offer a few small shelves for all your toiletries and bath items. You’ll find a vast selection online and in home stores and prices are reasonable.

It’s a good idea to measure your area and assess the design of your shower before purchasing a caddy. If your shower walls are plain, you might want a caddy that takes your style up a notch. Try our “Bath Bling” Shower Caddy for a little sparkle or a heavy-duty bronze caddy for a sleek finish. If your bathroom is susceptible to mold and mildew, look for shower caddies with naturally water-resistant materials like plastic.

Shower organizer ideas: A tension shower caddy

Corners are an ideal place to save things when taking a shower, but most corner shower caddies are small and don’t hold much. For more storage space, you need a tall unit with at least two shelves for shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel, and other shower essentials. A tension shower caddy like ours by InterDesign is a space-saving solution with the added benefit of not requiring a suction cup for support. Instead, you can use the tension rod to keep it firmly in place. The open design allows easy drainage and prevents mold and mildew. Use some rust-resistant S-hooks from the hardware store to hang loofahs, your washcloth, and your foot scrubber. 

Shower organizer ideas: Adhesive organizer bins

Save space in a small shower with adhesive organizer bins that hold bathroom accessories and essentials such as soap and shampoo. One example? Our Powerlock Corner Basket by InterDesign.  Held in place with secure suction, it has pivoting hinges that allow you to easily raise the caddy when cleaning underneath. To maximize storage space, add one in each corner for convenient storage of all your accessories and supplies. You’ll find organizer bins in many sizes and shapes, and some are specially designed to hold small items like razors and tweezers.


Shower organizer ideas: Suction soap dishes and hooks

Some storage solutions might hold only one or two items, but you can position them exactly where they need to go and fit them into small spaces. A suction soap dish can stick to your shower wall, shower doors, or other convenient locations. These small units are often useful if you have unused space that could be put to use. They’re also a good solution if you want to keep a particular type of bar soap separate from others, as might be the case with pet soap or medicinal soap.

Suction hooks and side hooks can hold your cleaning brushes, loofahs, and washcloths. Most suction soap dishes and hooks are very inexpensive and made of resilient materials like plastic and acrylic that’s plenty strong enough to hold soap bottles and other bath items.

Shower organizer ideas: Bath tables and stools

If your shower has ample room, consider a rust-resistant table or corner shelf to hold your shower supplies. You’ll gain a surface for spa supplies and bathing essentials and can also use it to support yourself when shaving or exfoliating your legs. For especially large bathing areas, a table or stool can hold bath towels if it’s sitting near the shower door and doesn’t get wet when the shower is running. However, avoid using it for electronics. Keep your hair dryer far away from water at all times (preferably, it’s not even in the bathroom at all).

Shower organizer ideas: Shower wall shaving systems

Shaving in the shower can save time but requires space-hogging supplies like shaving cream and, in some cases, a mirror to help you see what you’re doing. Most showers don’t have built-in razor holders, but you can easily find a shower wall solution such as our fog-free suction mirror with razor holder. The lift, push, and lock feature securely mounts to any smooth surface so you can get those stubble lines clean without worrying about your razor slipping or falling when in use. If you don’t need a mirror, you can instead use a single suction razor shower hook instead.

Other shower accessories 

Shower accessories aren’t limited to storage. For cleaning a glass shower door or shower walls, try a convenient window squeegee with a suction hook that securely attaches to the shower walls. With easy access whenever you need to clean and polish, it’s a great shower cleaning tool to have.

Towel bars, shower curtain rods, shower rings, and other bathroom essentials are just some of the home improvement products that can help you create your dream decorating scheme around the shower area. A caddy or storage unit outside the shower can provide additional storage for bath products you use only once in while or shampoo bottles designated for guests or pets. This solution is especially good for a small bathroom where every inch of space counts. Get creative with two hanging hooks on the wall by the shower curtain, a few S-hooks on the shower rod for washcloths and loofahs, and a suction cup towel bar with easy access from the shower door.

A well-kept shower

A storage solution for the shower is an evolving process, so don’t be afraid to move things around and reassess from time to time. We’re always on the lookout for new designs and shower items that can make getting clean a relaxing activity, so keep checking back for more ideas on how your bathroom decor and shower organizers can work even better for you. Better yet, leave us a comment to let us know exactly what you’re looking for!