The scraping and scuffing of chair legs against your floor can cause long-term damage, but most of the leg covers and sliders found in retail stores don’t live up to their promises, and those felt pad stickers just come off after a while (and maybe even become cat toys?).

Introducing Ruby Sliders, a new product by Bulbhead designed to stop your scuffing. With their completely clear non-slip silicone uppers, these covers stay put while protecting your floors. They are easy to install on many styles of legs and feature a premium nano-weave felt bottom that endures frequent use and won’t fall off. As seen on TV, these sliders come in a pack of eight and can slip onto your furniture pieces in about five seconds flat.

Ruby Sliders Test #1: Fitting

The Ruby Sliders packaging promised they will fit on many shapes and sizes of furniture legs, so I put them to the challenge. I tried the sliders on a few different types of chairs with varying leg sizes, starting with a standard wooden dining chair from IKEA. The sliders fit snugly around the square legs without being too tight, which was good. Next, I tested them on a pair of iconic mid-century modern chairs. The sliders fit as expected but were not as snug as around the standard chair as there wasn’t as much surface area to stick them to. When I moved the mid-century chair around, I had to be cautious about causing the slider to crinkle up and come off. The best results came when I slid them onto the rounded legs of my kitchen island bar stools. They fit perfectly! 

So far, the sliders seemed to be holding up to the package’s claim. But would they fit on a larger piece? I tried them on a hallway bench with fat square legs and had no problem getting the slider to stretch to size. I was worried that, once it had been on for a while, the fat leg would cause the slider to weaken and come off. But after several weeks of use it is still as good as new.

Ruby Sliders Test #2: Moving and Sliding

My next test was to slide the furniture around. Normally, I would hear scraping sounds on my hardwood floors with each swipe, but not when the Ruby Sliders are in place! The red nano-weave felt bottoms saved the floor from abuse, and I did not have to worry about the chairs scratching my hardwood or carpets as I slid them across to vacuum. The sliders are wonderfully quiet and, thanks to the strong adhesive grip of the upper portion, stayed in place without a hitch. 

I decided to test them out with somewhat heavy furniture. The Ruby Sliders worked great with my antique pie safe, and I appreciated how they helped protect the worn-down old legs. The sliders prevented the pie safe from its usual tendency to rock forward when moved, and this test proved the Ruby Sliders can help protect and preserve older pieces by providing proper support.

Ruby Sliders Test #3: Appearance 

Ruby Sliders seem to overcome all the major issues I’ve had with other brands of adhesive pads for furniture legs. They are as easy as you can get to install, they’re made of quality materials that last long, and they have a good design that looks attractive inside the packaging. Still, the bright red color of the felt (hence the name “Ruby”) might give some people second thoughts (after all, no one wants to call attention to their chair leg sliders), so I decided to apply my testing to their appearance too. I put four Ruby Sliders on my hallway bench and let them sit for a while and mold to the legs. The lighting in the hallway is dim, so the sliders weren’t at all visible from a distance. Even my husband didn’t notice that there were covers over the chair leg sliders until I told him they were there.

In the sunlight, however, the sliders are easy to spot on furniture that’s sitting in plain view. The clear plastic tops are shiny and attract light on darker wood. On lighter wood, chrome, and white paint, they are much less noticeable. If you are serious about maintaining a chic style for the darker wood in your rooms, the Ruby Sliders might be too shiny for some of your spaces and are probably best as a solution for furniture sitting in the corners or behind doors.

The Verdict

Do the Ruby Sliders work? A resounding yes! I like that they come in a pack of eight and two packs give you enough for a standard dining set. I can also see them being useful for banquet halls and churches that want to protect their floors during events and lower the risk of someone toppling over in a chair that refuses to slide back. I would recommend Ruby Sliders as an option to anyone who wants to protect their flooring, minimize noise, make it easier to move heavy pieces, or needs an affordable option for events with lots of seating.

Are you ready to give Ruby Sliders a try? You can find them on our website or in Altmeyer’s stores in the “As Seen on TV” aisle. You can also check out the sliders in action on YouTube. Overall, Ruby Sliders are an easy solution to your scuffing problems!