Random Items That You Never Knew You Needed!

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Inflatable Salad Bar
It’s finally Spring!! So that means that summer is right around the corner. Your first item that you did not know you needed, is The Inflatable Salad Bar. This item is better to have for your outdoor parties and events than a regular cooler and I’ll tell you why. For one, it’s a conversation piece, people will be like “what is this thing” then “oh my gosh where did you buy that cuz… I want one!” Second, you can place drinks, foods, bowls and display trays in it while all being completely surrounded by ice. Your food and drinks will stay cold, and won’t spoil! How many times for example have you placed a fruit bowl, or a cheese platter outside (covered under a tarp) but outside for a party… and it gets warm, maybe even melts, and then you have to worry if the food has gone bad because it’s been in the heat for so long. Well now you no longer have to worry, because your display trays will be surrounded in ice! You can’t place big bowls or serving trays in a cooler without having to tip your dish sideways or usually at an angle. Lastly, it is easy to grab items out of. You don’t have to worry about lifting a lid while your hands are already full with your plate and silverware, you simply grab and go.
The Inflatable Salad bar is great for Graduation Parties, outdoor events, camping, cookouts, tailgating and more! I’d like to see if the Inflatable Salad Bar floats, because then you have some creative option here.. like floating down a river with a floatable cooler, or for you college kids or anyone who enjoys a good Sunday Funday, a floating beer pong table that you could play right in the water! Ohhh the options! Also a great idea for a gift!

Outdoor Furniture & Patio Covers                                                                                                                                          Just the other day, my Husband and I were hanging out on our back porch looking to have a few drinks and relax. We had just gotten home from our date night, where we finally found our pizza place Ianni’s! Pizza night is very important to us, as we just recently moved to the area, we have been in search of a good pizza. So we wanted to continue with our date night when we got home, and went to go sit out on our porch. I put some chairs out there, a couple of little tables and our grill. But when we went to go sit on our chairs, they were covered in bird poop. I mean, we see the birds hanging out on the railing but I guess I never really thought about them pooping all over our furniture. Granted our furniture was not that expensive, I still want to keep it looking new and in the best condition I possibly can. So we grabbed some wet rags and tried to wipe the chairs clean. We gave up and just stood outside for a bit. The point of this rant, brings us to your second must have item, Outdoor Furniture & Patio Covers. Guys, it is important to cover up your furniture with Outdoor Furniture & Patio Covers, because your furniture will stay clean, last longer, and be protected. I never really thought of how necessary it was to cover my furniture, until I wanted to enjoy sitting outside and saw the chair covered in bird poop. The Outdoor Furniture and Patio Covers are super durable, heavy-gauge, reinforced black vinyl. They also have an elastic edging that secures the covers and keeps them in place so you don’t have to worry about them blowing away in the wind. There are several option as far as furniture covers go and Altmeyer’s BedBathHome has a lot to offer. They have Chair Covers, Table and Chair Covers, Chaise Covers, Grill, Glider and Stacking Chair Covers. Many available to fit your furniture needs!

Poo-Pourri                                                                                                                                                                                   I was just going through the Altmeyer’s BedBathHome May add and saw that the Poo-Pourri was on display this month, and because I literally was just talking about the Poo-Pourri to my cousin Lisa on Sunday, I decided I just had to share this amazing, wonderful, no more worries that you have to go number 2 in public cure! You know when you are out on the go, and then all of a sudden you get that feeling… now you’re starting to sweat, “I got to go and I’m not at my house…” I know we all got to do it, but if I can control it I’d rather do my business at home, instead of in a public restroom. Now, I don’t have to worry. I swear to you, the Poo-Pourri works, no joke 100% works. I have actually used it (we have it in the office). We have a one stall bathroom and its lovely, but if someone is waiting in line and you just did your thang, well I’m sure they will know what you just had for lunch that day. However, no one can tell what I ate for lunch because with just a few quick sprays in the toilet bowl, POOF!! I mean instantly, no smell!! Only a fresh citrus scent from the spray. (The Poo-Pourri comes in different scents,Call of the Wild, Lavender Vanilla, Citrus Mint, Original, Deja Poo and Trap-A-Crap), we just happen to have the citrus one in our bathroom). The Poo-Pourri also comes in a 2 oz travel size, perfect for when you are on the go and you never know, and then in a 4 oz bottle to keep on the back of your toilet. You ask how does the most amazing invention ever created work, the natural essential oils in the spray creates a film on the water that traps the odor at its source. You cannot tell. No more holding your breath or you know the good ole courtesy flush, just spritz the bowl before you go and no one will ever know. This is a must have!!