So spring is here and I’ve been starting to do some upgrades to my house.  The one area that I was really interested in remodeling was my front entry way.  It was currently done with linoleum but because this is such a high traffic area in my home it’s been showing so much wear that I wanted to replace it with something more durable yet I also wanted it to be something that would give off a feeling of warmth when entering.  My husband and I had debated over either carpeting or putting down tile in the entry way for a few months.

I really did not like the idea of putting down tile because even the non-slip tile when it gets wets seems to be slippery to me.  For safety concerns I didn’t find this as a viable solution at all.  On top of that tile gets so cold in the winter time.  In our home we take off our shoes the moment we enter to not track anything throughout the house.  I could not imagine in the cold winter that we get here in western Pennsylvania how that would feel to step on.

So finally after much debate (because my husband wanted to go with tile) we decided that we were going to carpet our entry way.  We had discussed that we needed something that could handle the wear and tear that this area of our home faces just from the traffic alone.  We also needed something that was stain resistant because anyone that live in the north knows our weather is pretty unreliable, our snow can melt and make the yard turn to mud in less than a few hours.

Madison Carpet
Very Easy to set up – This carpeting can be cut to fit around your bath fixtures, just lay in place, no need for tacks or glue

Last weekend we took a trip out to Lowes to take a look at carpet that would fit our needs.  Based on the size of our entry way we needed carpet to cover a 5×7’ area.  After talking to a store associate we realized that we had to buy the carpet in 12’ wide sections.  So based on this we would need to buy a section of carpet that was 5×12’ and it was going to cost over $100.  On top of that we were going to need to get carpet tack to lay and keep it in place which was going to be another $10.  The worst part was that they wanted to charge $97 to install it!  As we were standing there deciding on if we really wanted to put this much money into the little space in our home it dawned on me – what about the wall to wall carpet that Altmeyer’s carries?

Even though the Madison Wall To Wall Cut to Fit carpet is made for a bathroom why wouldn’t it work in an entry way that was the same space?  I knew that there was a 5×8’ size that would leave us with much less wasted carpet than having to buy a 12 foot wide section.  Plus being a bathroom carpet it’s able to hold up to getting wet on a daily basis.

This bathroom carpet was going to be the perfect solution to what was going to turn into a bit of a costly remodel if we went with the big chain store carpet.  This carpet was so easy to install that my husband I and did it ourselves.

My husband loved how easy it was to place this carpet.  All he needed to do was lay it down, flatten it out and trim to fit.  This past week the weather has been so terrible that I was able to test out the stain resistant properties of the carpet.  Just Tuesday there were boot prints from the mud and it vacuumed right up.  I was so impressed that it actually lived up to what it was supposed to do.

The best part of the project was that the carpet was only $49.97.  Based on what the chain store wanted to charge us for everything we needed that’s a savings of over $150.  So I have to say that the Madison Wall to Wall carpet isn’t just for bathrooms anymore.  It has me wondering if I could redo the walking closets next.  With the money we saved I might just be able to talk my husband into it.

New Entryway with Carpet
Here is what our finished project looks like. It turned out so great!