Lenox Plantinum Towel
Boasting superb absorbency and the feel of cashmere to create the most luxurious drying experience natural fibers can provide, these extremely soft bath towels are made of an intimate blend of low-twist premium cotton for high loft and durability.

These stunning Lenox Platinum towels offer you with the most extravagant drying experience that natural fibers can provide.  With their outstanding absorbency and the feel of cashmere these towels will be your favorite addition to your bathing experience.   The Lenox Platinum towels are extremely soft bath towels.

These towels are made of a blend of low-twist premium cotton and this provides a high loft and durability.   The exquisite blend of 70% low twist cotton and 30% bamboo provides a result of a super soft towel that has the feel of cashmere.   This blending is also what creates the superb absorbency that you would expect with a towel boasting the Lenox name.

The low twist cotton in this towel is a premium, long staple cotton the contributes to high loft, superior absorbency, long-lasting durability and gives s soft hand to the product.

Using bamboo in towels is also very eco-friendly.  Bamboo is a very fast growing plant.  It can grow from one to four feet in just a day.  This makes it a very sustainable resource.

Bamboo fiber is ultra quick-drying with natural properties the help wick away moisture.  Bamboo also has a natural defensive agent that makes it anti-microbial and anti-fungal, which helps eliminate mildew and odors.

The Lenox towel combines the best elements of both these natural fibers .  There is nothing more splendid than having an elegant towel like this to help improve your bathing experience.

The towels are finished with multiple rows of baratto stitching, the signature of this luxury collection.  The bath towel offers four horizontal rows of stitching, plus Lenox signature laurel leaf embroidery.  The hand towel has three rows of stitching and the washcloth has two.  The hem of this towel features silky, dobby to a sophisticated note.

Lenox TubmatLenox signature Laurel Leaf Embroidery is also on the tub mat to finish off the collection.  This superbly soft tub mat lends to added comfort.  Just imagine stepping out of the bath to the ultimate treatment of this mat.

This collection of towels is available in a plethora of colors and along with the quality they are perfect for a wedding gift.