From subtropical climate of South Florida to the arid air of Arizona, all homeowners are subject to one major annoyance: roof dilemma. Wind, snow, rain, and other natural elements are the epicenter of roof damage. When roof damage starts, homes are subject to ruined roof, ceilings, and even foundation. To fix severe roof damage, you must install entire roof professionally which can cost an average of $6,500. This is the reality for homeowners in any corner of the United States. Luckily this irreversible severe roof damage can be prevented early with Flex Seal.

Seal a Leaky Roof  in 4 Easy Steps
Flex Seal is a rubberized coating that sprays out liquid, seeping into those pesky holes in your roof. The following steps should serve as a guide to bring your roof back to life using Flex Seal:

Step 1- Find it
The first, and considerably most important step is to make sure you have located the exact area where leakage is occurring. Ideally, this will be under a controlled environment where you bring a bottle of water and pour very cautiously on the trouble area.

Step 2- Clean it
The trouble area is clean and completely dry of any debris. You should take the time to make sure that there is no dirt, leaves, oil, or any other things that might have accumulated on your roof throughout the years.

Step 3-  Shake it
 The next step is to make sure that you shake the can very well. A vigorous, 1 minute shake will ensure that Flex Seal works optimally.

Step 4-  Spray it
 This step is perhaps the most fun step of all. At this point, you will aim the problem area and spray using an even, sweeping motion. This spray should completely cover the holes as well as the surrounding area. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, allow Flex Seal to completely dry. This can last up to 48 for complete curing. Once the first coat is completely dry, spray on additional coats as seen fit for your roof.

How do you know if Flex Seal worked?
Once all the coats are completely dry, you can paint over the Flex Seal area to match the rest of the shingles. Roof damage is not always as noticeable as one might think. The most important way to make sure that you are sealing all the holes and to verify that you do not miss any spots is to inspect your roof as best as you possibly can.

Is Flex Seal the best Product for the job? For sealing larger areas, consider using Flex Seal Liquid as an alternative.

As inevitable as damage is, and as much as one tries to escape it, roof damage happens often and everywhere. But not to worry, Flex Seal offers an easy, affordable and fixable solution that can be tackled right away! So, as soon as you are done reading this handy list, grab your ladder and tackle this errand right at the root! Roof, your match has come as a Handyman in a Can.

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Have Fun Flex Sealin’!