Holiday decor is always a great way to create welcoming cheer in all corners of your home. One of the best rooms to decorate during this time is the bathroom. After all, it’s one spot in your house that all of your guests will definitely visit! We’ve put together this quick guide for your holiday bathroom decor this year.

Start with a theme for your holiday bathroom decor: If you’re a nature-lover, go with rustic elements like trees and animals. If you’re fun-loving and whimsical, go with candy canes and elves. Another idea is a chic modern style that plays on geometric and abstract shapes. Deciding on the theme early on will help you keep your focus when shopping and improve the overall result. 

Bath textiles 

There are many ways to incorporate holiday decorations into a traditional bathroom through the color, texture, and design of your curtains, towels, and rugs. Begin by replacing your current mats with a new set in holiday colors — pine-green, cranberry-crimson, or snow-white all set the stage and protect your floors from water and tracked-in mud. We have a great option with this ensemble from Royale. Rugs with designs and motifs are even more festive and cheerful, and you’ll find some fun and friendly selections at Altmeyer’s. Printed rugs won’t work for you? A large plush rug adds warmth and comfort and makes a style statement, so don’t hesitate to go big and soft. A rug that’s not right for year-round use can be stored for future holidays after the crowd goes home. 

Your shower curtain

A holiday-themed shower curtain is an inexpensive way to add cheer and can have an enormous impact on first impressions of your bathroom. Kids love them, too! Once again, your theme is important when picking a color or design. For an elegant bath, think about the fabric of the curtain — silky stripes, subtle geometric shapes, or a luxurious fabric like microfiber add understated shimmer. The style of the curtain is another consideration. Ruffles, lace, and embroidery herald back to the Victorian era, so they can be an apt choice for a romantic or “homestead” look. If you want to go with a graphic or screen-printed curtain that shows your sense of whimsy and fun, look for gingerbread men, baubles, snowflakes, snowmen (like this one at Altmeyer’s), wreaths, and Christmas trees. Hang the curtain on a tension rod or shop for a set of holiday-themed rings. 

Your curtains 

If you have a bathroom window to dress up, now is the time. A pair of sheer curtains in any winter color adds instant holiday cheer and also improves privacy. Lacy panels are lovely, although slightly less private, and can be enhanced with a drape of garland around the frame. Get creative with the window and have some fun with your tie-backs by using ribbons, tinsel, or strings of beads. You can also use holiday lights inside your curtains to complete the effect. For more festive flair, hang a medallion or crystal in the window to catch light during the day. 

Bathroom scents and fragrances 

The sense of smell is important in the bath, so provide your company with essential oils or candles with winter fragrances that capture the feel of a snowy wonderland. Holiday fragrances include pine, cinnamon, mulled wine spice blends, gingerbread, sugar cookies, mint, and nutmeg. Altmeyer’s is stocked with unique options for oils, soaps, and sachets to display in baskets and tins on your vanity and around the sink. Try also to set up a space for an aromatic candle and matchbook. Your friends and family will appreciate the chance to clear the air! If you worry about smoke, use a diffuser in your favorite scent instead. Stand it up on a top shelf to avoid accidents caused by curious children or grown-ups. 

Soaps and lotions

Holiday-scented soaps and lotions lend a festive look and serve the most important purpose of keeping us clean and fresh after a bathroom visit. As holiday bathroom decorations they can be put on display alongside the candles and scents or placed right next to the faucets so they can’t be missed. Remember that some guests will hesitate to use a beautifully sculpted bar of soap, so you might instead provide a dispenser filled with an aromatic hand wash. Look for products with luscious scents and beautiful labels that make your Christmas bathroom extra special. If you prefer traditional bar soap that isn’t fancy but meets the task, set it in a holiday soap dish with festive style. 

Bathroom wall art 

Complement your textiles and scented accents with bathroom wall art that takes your decor to a whole new level. Shop around for ceramic tiles, framed posters, sign art, and natural elements like wreaths, bouquets, and herb bundles for your walls. If you have the space, hang a large focal piece that catches eyes on entry. A heartwarming printed linen towel or a soft fabric calendar are good choices for this purpose. When selecting this kind of bathroom Christmas decor, remember that dampness could seep in and cause damage. For that reason, stick to pieces that are very durable and resilient. A wreath made of pine cones, for example, won’t be as affected by humidity as an unframed poster or painted canvas. 

Lights and trees 

If you have room, add a small Christmas tree complete with ornaments and lights into your holiday theme. Your vanity countertop is a great place for this decor, but if space is limited you might find room on the floor or go for a mini-tree that can sit on a shelf. Small trees might be made from ceramic, wood, plastic, even pine cones or twigs. Wind a string of battery-powered LED lights around the branches and set a timer so they only come on after the sun has set. 

For more fun with lights, consider replacing one or more of your vanity lights with special bulbs that glow in holiday colors. You can also find electric candles that will hold specialty bulbs that flicker romantically as though made from real wax. Some of them are even scented. 

Other bathroom preparation ideas for the holidays 

Another way to make your bathroom festive is with holiday toilet paper and tissue holders, standing towel racks, trash cans, and toothbrush holders. Look for special and truly unusual items like this sage wax bowl. It’s the little details that make the bigger things have even more impact, so give yourself the chance to decorate at the micro-level and have even more fun. 

Holiday-themed bathroom items bring charm to your home during the festive season, and they also make fun gifts for friends or family who love this time of year as much as you do. While you shop for your Christmas bathroom decor, pick up a few items for them to wrap up and give away. Maybe someday, you’ll walk into one of their baths at year’s end and see your gift on display. It just goes to show that any piece of decor is more than an object, it’s also a chance to preserve memories and bring joy to everyday life.