Thanks to Downton Abbey and other period television series, Lace hasn’t just made a comeback in fashion – it’s taking on the world of home decor as well. Here are some ways to work lace into your home decor.

Downton Abbey- Duneagle Table Linens by Heritage Lace
Photo: Downton Abbey- Duneagle Table Linens by Heritage Lace


You’ll see this 2015 interior design trend in furniture, walls, upholstery, bedding, and more. Whether you’re using actual lace or a lace stencil or pattern, this trend is here to stay.

One way to add this delicate detailing to a room in your home is by applying it to your walls with wallpaper, stencils, or framed lace fragments. These intricate patterns of lacework bring a light, lovely feel to any room.


The bedroom below demonstrates the creative application of lace in a frame to hang jewelry. It serves a dual purpose of functional and aesthetic design.
lace jewelry organizer

Another way to apply lace is to use it as a paint stencil on your wall. It creates a beautiful backdrop for jewelry, wall accessories, or a mirror.

lace wall stencil
Photo: House to Home

Consider framing and hanging lace as artwork on your walls. Pressed against a vibrant colored background, these pieces of lace artwork makes a beautiful statement on the wall.

diy lace artwork
Photo: Shelterness


Another tried and true way to add this lace trend to your home decor is with curtains. Whether they are curtains for windows, partitions, or elegant drapery around a bed, it creates a delicate but playful mood in any space. Try hanging lace curtains inside glass cabinetry to hide what is inside but keep some of the transparency. Lace curtains around an antique-style tub adds an effortless beauty to the bathroom.

Tea Rose Lace Curtains by Heritage Lace
Photo: Tea Rose Tier Curtains by Heritage Lace

Romance White or Ivory Lace Shower Curtain
Photo: Romance Lace Shower Curtain

Drape lace over your dining table for a special event or a day-to-day accent.

Rose Placemats and Tablecloths by Heritage Lace

Photo: Rose Lace Tablecloths

How do you plan on using this interior design trend in your home?