The great outdoors is a joy when the weather is warm, but when temperatures drop it’s time to head inside and hunker down. The cold-weather season is beginning yet again, but you don’t have to leave your love for outdoors at the threshold. Recent trends in the home decor style known as “cottagecore” evokes the sense of woods, wilderness, and the romance of living off the land. That’s right, nature moves indoors through elements like dried twigs, flowers, pine cones, houseplants, and rustic and simple textiles that speak to the simple life. 

In Norway, a similar notion known as friluftsliv strives to incorporate the outdoors through patios and sun porches. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an indoor-outdoor space, but the theme of natural living can be achieved in even small apartments with the right approach and a few small things you can buy online. 

Natural Light 

Cottagecore and friluftsliv styles make use of every inch of natural light. Windows are often plainly dressed with sheer curtains and valances. You can also use shades with translucent qualities that allow for privacy without compromising sunlight. One beautiful solution is a double-layered shade like our Cordless Sheer Double Layered Shade by Celestial. With one sheer layer and one opaque, you have control over the amount of light coming in throughout the morning and afternoon. At night, close the shade completely to enjoy the security and privacy.

If you have an outdoor area such as a porch or patio that needs to function as a gathering spot in cooler weather, one of our indoor-outdoor curtains helps make the spot more cozy and comfortable. The large metal grommets on the curtains can be strung through tension rods or installed hardware, creating a roomlike feel for you and your guests. Add a topiary and a patio heater and you have a “party pod” that can be taken down and stored after the fun is over. Make the transition back and forth between inside the house and outdoors easier and cleaner with an indoor-outdoor rug in neutral tones.


Cottagecore’s rustic style can steer you to textiles and other materials that reflect the simple life and bring a bit of nature into the home. Look for cotton and bamboo bedding that’s eco-conscious and unadorned. One advantage of this approach is a decrease of allergens in your bedroom and a better night’s sleep. A bamboo pillow like this one seen on TV is softer than cotton and microbe-resistant. A pair of two tucked into our Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set will welcome you into a long winter’s nap every time you need one.

Not everything has to be simple, rustic, or organic. Play off your favorite ideas and themes and fuse styles together. Lace, geometric prints, wood furniture, retro appliances, a cement and copper clock, and pottery can become part of a collage of textures that emerges into a beautiful statement of who you are. Bring in your own family heirlooms — quilts, teapots, baskets — for display! If you are short on heirlooms, you can buy quality textiles like our Chelsea Lace Runner that capture the same idea. 


For general decor, bring the outdoors in with plenty of houseplants near the windows and in the kitchen. Ferns and tropical plants don’t need lots of light and can spruce up your office or dim areas. If you don’t have a green thumb, you aren’t excluded. Dried flowers, pine cones, and twigs are maintenance-free and fit into bowls and shelves around the house. Add a candle or aromatherapy diffuser nearby. Silk flowers are another option and are terrific for the bathroom because of their durability. One cheerful take is our Vicki Floral Embroidered Shower Curtain held in place with our Misty Floral Hooks. The sweet and romantic pair capture the quiet simplicity of cottage life and keep your bath bright.

Ultimately, none of us really know what the cold seasons will bring. Snow, sleet, rain, or sun are forces of nature that can’t be controlled. But we can always keep in touch with what’s happening outside by bringing a little of it inside with us. A crackling fire, a whimsical display of branches and pine cones, and a bed made up with crisp and comfortable blankets and linens is the complete recipe for enjoying everything there is to love about cooler weather, cottage style.