As far as I’m concerned, decorating the bathroom can be one of the most challenging rooms to find the right decor. I always enjoy learning new bathroom decorating ideas and find myself in constant flux about decorating them.

I love getting inspiration for decorating, don’t you? We are planning to remodel two of our three baths and of course, I had to do a lot of research and gather some inspiring ideas. Of course, I love sharing them with you too! Below, you’ll find some minor tweaks and some that require a bit more work. Either way, I hope you are inspired too!

1 – Adding some green to your bathroom is an easy, inexpensive, and perfect way to add color while adding a level of chic to your bathroom. I love the way this homeowner added air plants to the wall decor. They also added pops of green to the top of the vanity and wall ledge. It’s the perfect way to add beautiful bathroom decor without having to spend a fortune.

Photo by Kimberley Bryan – Discover bathroom design inspiration

2 – Adding the perfect rug – It’s so important finding the perfect bath rug when it comes to decorating your bathroom. It really seals the deal in terms of design elements and seems to pull everything together. In the bathroom below, the rug they used fits perfectly into the medium-sized bath. Remember the non slip backing for safety as you get in and out of your tub/shower.Regence Home Fast Track Oval Bath Rug

Since two of three of my Fast Track Oval Bath Rugs are medium-sized, it was so important for me to find the right size rug, with a coordinating contour rug and lid cover. I was thrilled with the one I found and since I change them at least once or twice a year, I had to be sure I got a great deal on them as well. I was thrilled to find the two blue rugs that fit our baths perfectly. I love the pops of color too!
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
3 – Give an Illusion With Glass – It doesn’t matter what size your bathroom is, using glass elements are the perfect way to make your bathroom look and feel larger and create an elegant decor statement. I love this large and simply stunning vanity mirror in this bathroom and how they added another mirror off to the side for an additional accent.

Photo by Moore About Design

4 – Don’t Forget the Outlet or Switch Covers – Often forgotten, this small element will complete your entire bathroom theme. I was recently inspired by a lodge theme bathroom and found these Bear decorative plates. What a great idea! And with several styles and sizes, it’s something to use for every room in your home. KOPP AMBIENCE Double and Toggle switch Flush-mounted in-wall taiga white  for sale online | eBay

5 – Paint Your Bathroom Vanity – It’s always a stunning transformation when you see an old bathroom vanity painted. White paint is always a safe choice but adding pops of color to your bathroom decor is always fun. I am so in love with this White Linen Chalk Paint by Rust-oleum. I used it recently when I painted my bathroom medicine cabinets, and I was thrilled with the results. It’s low-odor, latex formula allows for easy clean up with soap & water and is perfect for any furniture makeover. It also dries to an ultra-matte velvety, smooth finish
I’m hooked!

Photo by DRP Interiors – Look for bathroom design inspiration

6 – Adding Decorative Towels – We take bathroom towels for granted when it comes to our bathrooms. I see so many folks just placing one over a towel bar and that’s it! A lot of us don’t realize they are in and of themselves decor elements and, we need to think of decorating with them in that same light.
Bath Towels | White Towels | Hand Towels | Altmeyer's BedBathHomeBath Towels | White Towels | Hand Towels | Altmeyer's BedBathHome

I love using my Super Soft Towels by Revere, and I have fun changing things up when with this bath towel collection’s wide variety of colors and patterns.  

7 – Add A Decor Element You Would Never Have Thought Using – I like to kick things up a bit and take risks when it comes to decorating. Some folks like to play it safe – either way is fine! Many of us would never think of hanging a cute clock to our bathroom walls, but I just adore it! 
Black Time Blue Novelty Bath Wall Clock




I love this Bath Time Black Novelty Bath Wall Clock– how many times have you been in the bath and wondered what time it was? Now, you can take the guesswork out and have an interesting decor element to look at while relaxing in the tub.

8 – Shower Caddy’s There Not Just For Storing Stuff – Every since I discovered that I can easily transform my shower caddy, I’ve been hooked. Anything inside your bathroom can be repurposed and reinvented to be a decorative item so why not the shower caddy?

Interdesign Raphael Bathroom Shower Caddy, Regular - Pearl Gold –  funstyling.comFeeling fickle? Change the color whenever the mood takes you! With Rusteloum quick paint over this InterDesign shower caddy,  I was in a gold mood when I transformed mine. I think I’ll go red next time! I love this particular shower caddy because it has lots of shelf space and room for just about everything. It’s not too bad on the eyes either!


I hope you were able to get some bathroom decorating ideas and some inspiration! I love decorating my bathrooms, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my decor ideas with you! I’d love to learn about your bathroom decorating ideas too in the comments below.