When we talk about health and wellness, we are not just talking about the physical aspect, but also the mental condition of a human being.  The mental and physical condition of a person must be healthy enough to cope with the challenge of everyday living.

Unfortunately, due to the great amount of “stressors” that a person faces almost daily, it’s pretty hard to maintain a healthy mind and body. Sometimes the “mind” break down resulting to mental sickness and the body gives in resulting to sickness and diseases.

But not all hopes are gone. There are still pretty effective ways to maintain good physical health and mind. The tips below can surely help out anyone live a healthy life and prevent any kind of sickness or diseases before they occur.

Proper diet and exercise.

Nothing beats a healthy diet, proper lifestyle and regular exercise when it comes to promoting health and wellness. If you can run at least an hour a day, that’s enough to release the toxins (thru sweat) that your body accumulated for the past 24 hours. Think about the food you eat as they can directly affect your mind and body.

Regular checkup and health risk assessment.

Getting regular checkups can help you prevent serious sickness and diseases before it happens. Having health risk assessment regularly can greatly help as well. If you want to have a quick glance where you “health condition” stand, you can try ZagMeter.Com. It’s a website or an online health program that acts like finding out your credit score, but for your health. ZagMeter can help you assess your current health and wellness status based on the response you will give from their questionnaire. What’s great about this website is that, it can also make general recommendations for improving your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s free to use so better take advantage of it.

Health Day

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated by drinking lots of clean water truly works wonders. It’s keeps the body organs working properly while flushing out the toxins thru urine.

Vitamins and supplements.

To keep your mind and body going despite the lack of nutrients you’re getting from your meal, daily intake of vitamins and supplements can surely help. This is highly recommended specially for busy people who sometimes are not getting enough sleep.


Getting enough rest and hours of sleep can help the body cure and re-energize itself after. Sleep can also make you feel revitalized physically and mentally. So if you are feeling tired and stressed out,  try getting some good night sleep to ease it out.

As what the popular saying says, “Health is Wealth”.  Ignore your health and it will go away. Follow the above tips and advice for good health and well-being.