As a young woman in my upper 20’s, I love and may have a small obsession with Animal Prints. Cheetah, leopard, zebra, giraffe, you name it I love it! Now my husband and I have come to an agreement, I display his Giants memorabilia around the house; I get to have my animal print around the house. So as you can image, our living room has his Giants memorabilia and my animal print pillows, blankets and pictures all over. It may be a decorator’s nightmare, but it is the perfect blend of our two personalities! As I love animal print, I have found some cute and easy ways to incorporate animal print in your home.


1) Animal Print Alphabet Border– This is perfect for a nursery or a little child’s room that is ready to learn their ABC’s. The colorful border is fit for boys or girls, which will go nicely with any neutral colors. An easy way to teach your children their ABC’s and their animals.


2) The Jungle Queen Bed in a bag – is an ultimate must have for any young animal print loving girl. Set her off on a safari of fun, with a bedroom decorated with bedding in an exotic zebra and leopard print design.




3) Wipe your paws away – What is more purrrrfect for an animal lover than a sweet and friendly doormat welcoming. Can be place either inside or outside of your front door.




4) Black and White Zebra Print Bath Towels – The black and white zebra print towel will be the perfect pizazz your bathroom is looking for to feel fabulous. If you have a modern style bathroom with white appliances and black décor, these zebra printed towels will bring in that zing that you are looking for.



5) Shear MLeopardRobe_561x561ink Leopard Robe – I can’t think of a better way to display animal print than on you! I know when I get home from work, and am exhausted, I like to take a hot shower and wrap up in my warm leopard print robe. What’s a better way to display your animal instinct and let out your ferocious side?
I hope you have enjoyed my 5 easy ways to incorporate animal print into your home. I’d love hear how you decorate your home!