Even though the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, you don’t have to put off your gardening plans any longer.

The groundhog has spoken. Thanks to a shadow and a legend, we can expect to see six more cold winter weeks. While that gives us more time to put our favorite sweaters to good use, it does put our gardening plans on hold. If you’re like us, you’ve been itching all winter long to dig into the dirt and nurture your garden back to life. Waiting six more weeks just isn’t an option for us with green thumbs. That’s why we made a list of five things you can do to beat the winter blues… with some greenery! Check out our list below on how you can get your planting started early:

1. Contain heat in a planter

Plant containers are perfect for outdoor blooms when the warm weather is being a bit stubborn. Let your backyard flourish with containers like these bold pink planters that will pop against the dreary outdoors.

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2. Find your beach

When the weather is keeping you down – and indoors – make your own mini paradise to keep your spirits high in the last stretch of winter. Let the kids help make a family terrarium and include rocks, plants, and figurines. It may even inspire them to help in the spring when the real planting starts!

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3. It’s not too late for bulbs

With back-to-school madness in the fall, it’s easy for bulb-planting to slip your mind. But, just because you missed planting season before the winter hit, you don’t have to miss out on beautiful blooms! Potted blubs are just as gorgeous and will save you from your own procrastination.

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4. Crazy for kokedama

Have you heard of the kokedama trend? This DIY plant holder is so unique and can be placed just about anywhere. Make a few now to brighten up the indoors and move them outside when the weather starts warming.

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5. From garden to garnish

If you switch from fresh herbs to store-bought ingredients in the winter, it’s time to stop now. Even though it’s cold outside, you can still grow fresh oregano, thyme, and more in a windowsill garden. Not only will it enhance your meals, but it will brighten up your kitchen!