Harvest time is upon us; pumpkins, apples and corn crops of the fall are beginning to ween signaling the end of the season. This of course brings to mind the big Thanksgiving feast which awaits just around the corner.


The Halloween decorations get packed up for another year, but some of us still have the need for decorations other than Christmas lights. Corn stalks and Indian corn bundles are a classic way to display an autumn theme and keep this beautiful season alive. Here in Michigan we are having an amazing fall with mild temperatures and a beautiful color change to the trees. What a perfect time to accent this natural beauty with some colorful Indian corn and corn stalks.


If you did not grow any corn of your own, one can readily find a farmers market or even a roadside stand selling dried corn and stalks. I have also seen some gourds still available, which would help make a nice fall or Thanksgiving display. The prices at this time of the season are often reduced as the seller wants to get these crops off of their hands.


Corn stalks make a great outdoor scene and usually come bundled which makes for easy transport and handling. Corn stalk bundles at the edge of a fence, around your mailbox, at the pillars of your front porch are just a few ideas for your yard or anywhere you feel the need for some festive fall flair. If you have the space, cornstalks could be used indoors but I would be cautious of insects coming along for the ride.


Dried corn cobs are a better option for indoors as you can more easily eliminate any unwanted insect companions. Indian corn specifically adds a nice touch to the fall decor with it’s unique color and patterns. A small bundle of corn could be hung from a picture hook on the wall or be the centerpiece for a table setting for the big feast. Just a few corn cobs and some gourds arranged in a basket make for a festive holiday arrangement. One does not even have to be very artistic to create a festive fall arrangement with dried cornstalks and cobs. Just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Have fun working on your harvest decorations, we have plenty of fall and Thanksgiving themed flags to accompany your masterpiece.