We remember waiting up on Christmas Eve to hear Santa’s reindeer click on the roof. We’d do just about anything to keep our tired eyes awake, but sleep always won the tough fight. Now grown up with kids and grandkids of our own, we love seeing the magic of Christmas in their eyes. Every year, while we set out cookies and milk for Santa, we also give a little something for the eight hard-working reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh. After all, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without their magic. So, spread a little love with one of the reindeer food recipes we found below. But make extra for the family because this snack is human-friendly, too!

1. Reindeer Chow

THE BAKING CHOCOLATESSThis is like puppy chow, but way better! Peanut butter and chocolate covered cereal, marshmallows, pretzels, and chocolate candies come together in a reindeer food that Rudolph won’t be able to resist! And we don’t think your kids will either…

Get the recipe from The Baking Chocolatess

2. Santa’s Snack Sack

CONSUMER CRAFTSThis blogger took a trick from Santa and wrapped up individual portions of reindeer food in burlap sacks. We love the creativity behind this and can’t wait to hand these out to all the kids at the family party on Christmas Eve!

Get the recipe from Consumer Crafts

3. Savory Thyme Granola

We’re betting that reindeer eat nothing but chocolate up in the North Pole. Let your kids help you make a healthier snack for them with this thyme granola recipe. It is so yummy and you can munch on the leftovers Christmas morning!

Get the recipe here