Better Sponge Review: Better Than a Traditional Sponge?

Claims & Features Manufactured from tough, yet malleable, silicone Cleans with 3000 tiny silicone fingers Will not cause scratches Anti-bacterial and resistant to mildew Versatile design allows for multiple uses Rinses clean and also safe for dishwasher Hang dry with… Continue Reading

Hurricane Spin Broom Review: Cordless Manual Broom

About Hurricane Spin Broom Hurricane Spin Broom uses spinning brushes to pick up messes without the hard work associated with regular brooms and dust pans. Claims & Features Lightweight and portable Spinning brushes pick up mess Swivel steering No touch,… Continue Reading

Red Copper Square Pan, a Breakthrough in Delicious Cooking

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Crock Pot Cooking – Make Life Easy

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Spoil Your Cat with Gifts!

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Must haves that you never knew you needed until now!

Random Items That You Never Knew You Needed!                                                Inflatable Salad Bar           Outdoor Furniture & Patio Cover                    Poo-Pourri Inflatable Salad Bar It’s finally Spring!! So that means that summer is right around the corner. Your first item that you did not… Continue Reading