Solution Pillows for a Better Nights Sleep!

 1. Firm Density Back Sleeper Pillows

Experience a luxurious night’s sleep every night with our Firm Density Back Sleeper Pillows. Ideal for back sleepers, the hypoallergenic pillow features a 1.5″ gusset that provides comfort & firm support. Polyester/Cotton blend cover is super soft with a polyester fiber fill. Machine washable. Jumbo sized, this pillow measures 20″ x 28″. Filled & Finished in the USA.

2. Extra Firm Density Side Sleeper PillowExtra Firm Density Side Sleeper Pillows

Finished with lush hypoallergenic fiber fill, our Extra Firm Density Side Sleeper Pillow is ideal for side sleepers. The 1.5″ gusset allows this pillow to keep its shape – never flat! Extra firm density supports your neck and shoulders, which helps promote easier breathing and reduced snoring. This pillow measures 20″ x 28″. Filled & Finished in the USA.

3. Rapid Cool Memory Foam PillowRapid Cool Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow

A unique memory foam pillow – one that offers heat dissipation, quicker recovery and comfort. The foam contours rapidly to movement eliminating that “quicksand” feeling. Pillow is machine washable to help eliminate microbes and dust mites. Plush & gusseted this pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers: stomach, back or side, and this pillow measures 20 x 28.

4. AllerEase Washable Allergy Protection Pillow

The perfect pillow for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.
AllerEase Hot Water Washable Allergy Protection PillowThe tightly woven pillow shell keeps household allergens like dust, and pet dander out of the pillow while its ability to be washed in hot water kills germs & bacteria for maximum allergy protection. With each wash, the down alternative fiber fill re-fluffs to its original shape, making the pillow look and feel like new. Measuring 20″ x 28″, this pillow is affordable solution for a cleaner bed & a healthier you.

Get more sleep by selecting one of our many Solution Pillows. Locate the firmness that suits your needs and improve your night at Altmeyer’s low costs!