I rent, and as a renter I try very hard to keep my place as neat and tidy as the day I moved. With winter right around the corner, I need to start thinking about my carpeted floors and how I can protect them.

At Altmeyer’s BedBathHome, they have all the protection as well as decretive enhancements you would need for your floors! The first place to start would be at the entrance way. This is where everyone enters your home, and by everyone I mean the dirt on their shoes, the left over salt, and or the water if it’s snowing or raining. If the weather outside is bad, no one’s shoes will be 100% clean. So start at the very beginning by keeping all of that debris out of your house, with the Recycled Rubber Doormat. This rubber recycled doormat is made in the USA and can withstand all types of weather conditions. To clean simply vacuum, shake or rinse with a hose! These doormats are heavy duty and thick. Start protecting your floors as soon as guests enter your home.



The next must have for protecting your floors is the Boot Tray by Mohawk. I haven’t purchased my boot tray yet, but this is a must have for my home. I do not want the salt, dirt, wet and muck getting on my floors or carpets. Like many of you know, you take your shoes off, leave them by the front door, come back, and there is a puddle of water and dirt from the shoes. This boot tray will collect the water and dirt, preventing that from getting on your floors. It’s almost like controlling a mess that you know is going to occur no matter what. This boot tray fits 3-4 large size pair of boots and is easily cleaned by simply wiping it out!utilitytraymiva

Moving throughout my house next stop is the kitchen! The perfect decretive enhancement for my kitchen floor is the Weston Slice Kitchen Rug. My favorite thing about this rug is shape. It’s the perfect fit right underneath my kitchen sink. Even underneath my stove the Weston Rug fits. These rugs are nice because they are machine washable as well as having something nice and warm to stand on whether I’m cooking or doing dishes. Check the Weston Rugs Out. They come in several color options!


Last, but not least working my way up the stairs to the bathroom. I don’t know about you, but I hate waking up in the morning and its freezing to step onto a freezing cold bathroom floor. That definitely does not but me in a jolly mood. At Altmeyer’s they have SOHO Bathroom Rugs. They are super soft and thick. I was literally like I could rub my face on this rug is that soft. It also has a pretty yet simple design that would match any bathroom décor. The Red Burgundy SOHO rug is my favorite. I just love this color!berry_561x561_2

If you haven’t started thinking about protecting your floors, and or just want to add some pretty enhancements make Altmeyer’s your go to shop. Relatively low prices and great quality, you can find something for every room of the house! Happy Shopping 🙂