Lenox Empire Bronze Decorative Curtain Rod
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Lenox Empire Bronze Decorative Curtain Rod

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Pick up this Lenox Empire Bronze Decorative Curtain Rod to add a touch of sophisticated style to your home or office. It is the ultimate scale for today's large windows and high ceilings. This 3/4" rod diameter rod set is constructed from metal to ensure maximum strength and durability. It is easy to adjust to fit the size you need to ensure that it will work for a variety of applications. This item features a rich bronze finish that will accent both light and dark colors. It also includes matching round finials and brackets. This curtain rod can be used for lightweight sheers, heavy drapes or a combination of panels for a layered look. It is an exceptionally versatile piece and will blend seamlessly with a wide range of home or office decors. Available in 3 adjustable sizes. All the necessary mounting hardware is included for a convenient and stress-free installation.

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Product Description

  • Lenox Empire Bronze Decorative Curtain Rod
  • Available in 3 Adjustable Sizes
  • For single windows use 28"-48" size
  • For double windows Use 48"-86" size
  • For triple windows use 66"-120" size
  • These curtain rod can expand up to the size that you need
  • Circumference of the rod is 3/4" 
  • Installation instructions and hardware included