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Fuller Brush Deodorant Block or Case

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The Fuller Brush Deodorant Block will protect your clothing from moths, eggs, larvae and carpet beetles with a pleasant fragrance unlike lingering mothball odors. This convenient moth block can treat up to 36 cubic feet for up to six weeks. Use the Fuller Brush Deodorant Block for effective moth control for clothing, in hanging bags, attics, drawers, laundry rooms, hampers, nursery rooms, lockers.

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Product Description

  • Save your clothes from munching moths and musty odors with the Fuller Brush Deodorant Block!
  • Use Perfumed Deodorant Blocks to eliminate odors inside closets or other closed storage areas, under sinks, near diaper pails, inside pantries and smoke-filled rooms
  • Deodorant Block
    • Fresh Floral Rose scent overcomes unpleasant bathroom and kitchen odors for up to 6 weeks
    • Made of Paradichlorobenzene...the strongest and safest moth-killing protection available
    • 12 oz.
  • Case
    • Sturdy plastic vented case holds one Scented Block safely away from clothing, children and pets.
    • Collapsible hook allows for easy storage and convenient hanging. Easily fits in dresser drawers, hanging bags, under sinks… anywhere that needs moth protection.
  • How to Use 1. Insert one Scented Block with cellophane wrapper attached into case. 2. Punch hole in cellophane. 3. Close lid on case and hang in closet or put in drawer.

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