Furniture Fix Cushion Support System
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Furniture Fix Cushion Support System

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Give sagging cushions a like-new firmness with this furniture cushion support. Specifically engineered to support heavy use, the support is composed of a set of 6 panels, which interlock to fit the size of an average armchair. The cushions of the chair rest on these panels, leaving the chair firm and supportive. One Set of 6 Panels measures: 22"L × 19"W when assembled. Easy to customize, interlock multiple sets for sofas, beds, and more.

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Product Description

  • Furniture Fix Seat Cushion and Mattress Support System
  • Experience renewed comfort with furniture lift. Give new life to your furniture by simply placing the interlocking panels under your cushion or mattress. An easy and affordable alternative to purchasing new furniture
  • One set of 6 panels fits a chair, multiple sets can interlock to fit a sofa or any size bed
  • Saves money by giving sagging cushions like-new firmness
  • Will fit any length by connecting additional panels
  • Panels can be staggered for optimum support
  • Fully assembled dimenions: 22" wide x 19" deep