Tac Amplifier High Performance Sound Enhancer
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Tac Amplifier High Performance Sound Enhancer

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Start hearing better today with the Tac Amplifier. This small device is perfect for enhancing the quality and volume of voices and sounds both indoors and outside. The amplifier is absolutely perfect for following conversations at dinner parties, busy restaurants, or just listening to the birds during nature walks. The compact design and low profile of the Tac Amplifier makes it easy to take anywhere, and fits perfectly in your shirt pocket, pants, or purse. The Tac Amplifier comes with a soft and flexible ear nodule that fits snugly into your ear, requiring little to no adjustment while wearing. The beige color also blends well with many skin types to draw less attention to you as you’re wearing it. Simply switch on the rectangular power button, twist the knob right or left to raise or lower the volume to your liking, and place it in your ear to start enjoying amplified environmental sounds.

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Product Description

  • Tac Amplifier High Performance Sound Enhancer
  • Bell and Howell – As Seen on TV
  • Discreet comfortable design
  • Powerful and easy to use fully adjustable volume boost
  • Includes 1 round A312 (Zinc Air) battery
  • Enhances hearing to detect the slightest movements.
  • Soft and flexible ear piece. Works for both ears.
  • Easy to press on/off button