Fresh Ideas Bed Sheet Straps Holds Sheet in Place - Set of 4
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Fresh Ideas Bed Sheet Straps Holds Sheet in Place - Set of 4

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Creating a comfortable, hotel-quality-looking bed has never been easier than with Fresh Ideas Bed Sheet Straps.Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep like sheets constantly coming undone at the corners. With Fresh Ideas Bed Sheet Straps, you’ll never have to worry about your fitted sheet slipping off again. Simply attach one at each corner and slide the strap under the mattress. They can even be used to transform a flat sheet into a fitted sheet. Restless sleepers are no match for these sheet suspenders. With a garter closure, the straps will stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep. The straps are washable so you can keep them attached to your sheets when it’s time for laundry.

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Product Description

  • Fresh Ideas Bed Sheet Straps Holds Sheet in Place - Set of 4
  • Keeps Sheets in Place Overnight
  • Sheet straps will keep fitted sheets from slipping off the corners of the mattress
  • Perfect for restless sleepers, thick mattresses, and anyone who wants to give their bed a hotel quality look
  • Easy to Attach: Place the clips about 7-10 inches from each side of the sheet corner, then slip the sheet strap under the mattress
  • They can also be attached to flat sheets to transform them into a fitted sheet
  • Fits All Bed Sizes: Since the sheet suspenders are attached to the corners of the sheets and not across the bottom of the bed, they will work with all bed sizes - including twin, twin XL, queen, king, California king, futons, and even water beds
  • Safe and Gentle: Designed to create a gentle but firm hold on your sheets without wearing away the fabric, creating holes, or leaving any damage behind
  • Wash With Your Sheets: No need to remove and reattach the sheet straps on laundry day. You can leave the straps on and wash and dry them with your sheets as usual without harming the clips or your bedding.