RoboTwist Robotic Jar Lid Opener
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RoboTwist Robotic Jar Lid Opener

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The RoboTwist Jar Opener easily opens even the toughest jar lids! It's as easy as setting it down on the lid, pressing the button and watching it work! The Robo-strong vice of the Robo Twist locks on tight to the lid of any jar and unscrews it effortlessly. The next time you've got a tough jar to handle, count on Robo Twist to give you the muscle you need!

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Product Description

  • Robotwist adjusts to fit any jar sizes and guarantees a firm grip around lids.
  • Easy to use: Position it on the lid, press the easy-switch button, and watch it rotate and uncap. Its so easy even kids can use it.
  • Energy efficient: Robotwist uses very little energy (uses 2 pcs AA Batteries not included).
  • Compact: Compact and versatility in 1 user friendly kitchen device.
  • Size: 7.2 inches Long; weighs 0.80 lbs.