Ritz Ultra Fine Cotton Cheese Cloth 2 Square Yards
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Ritz Ultra Fine Cotton Cheese Cloth 2 Square Yards

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The Ritz Premium Ultra Fine Cheesecloth, is a great addition for any kitchen. Made with 100% cotton, this cheesecloth is extremely durable and versatile. It's a great tool for straining, basting, steaming, and cleaning. Baste, strain, and steam like a professional. Made out of 100% cotton and lint free - there to assist you in all of your kitchen ventures. This durable cheesecloth is made to withstand multiple uses but won't hold onto past odors and flavors. Measuring 2 square yards, this large sheet of cheesecloth can be cut into any shape or size depending on the use.

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Product Description

  • Ritz Ultra Fine Cotton Cheese Cloth 2 Square Yards
  • VALUE AND QUALITY. This premium ultra-fine cheesecloth is 100% cotton and lint-free. Professional quality cheese cloth at a value price.
  • ULTRA FINE. This premium ultra-fine cheesecloth is ideal for basting, straining, steaming, cleaning. Extremely durable and strong when wet. It won’t hold flavors or odors, ensuring like-new use every time.
  • VERSATILE. Built with functionality in mind, this ultra-fine cheesecloth is a kitchen essential. Originally used for making cheese, yogurt, and wine this cheesecloth can be used for much more, such as basting poultry, straining sauces, jams and jellies, steaming, blanching, filtering stews, poaching seafood.
  • MORE THAN A CHEESECLOTH. This premium ultra-fine cheesecloth can not only be used for cooking but also for cleaning and household projects. It's perfect for polishing silver, washing windows, auto detailing, protecting plants, and refinishing furniture.
  • FUNCTIONALITY. This cheesecloth measures 2 square yards. This will be your new favorite kitchen and household assistant.