DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponge
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DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponge

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The DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge is a unique and powerful multipurpose scrubber designed to stay fresh and last through even the most stubborn of kitchen messes. Tackle any type of mess with the distinct style and functionality of the innovative fish-shaped design. The DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge is ideal for cleaning hard to reach places, turning the most difficult jobs into a breeze. The durable open cell structures cut through the most tenacious food and grease, allowing for longer lasting power that is tough on all messes. DishFish Dual Scrubbers are made from a soft, pliable material that is designed to resist breakdown and remain durable and flexible. These Scrubbers do not scratch on wet or dry surfaces, making them ideal for any delicate dish or glassware. Avoid the unpleasant smell from the mold, mildew, and bacterial odors all too common when the sponge remains wet after cleaning with DishFish's unique stand that allows for the sponge to stand on its tail, dry quicker, and inhibit mold and mildew to ensure your sponge stays fresh and odor-free. DishFish Scrubbers are loved by consumers for their innovative design and long-lasting power. DishFish Scrubbers clean better, last longer, and stay fresh.

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Product Description

  • DishFish Dual Scrubber Sponge Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sponge
  • Perfectly sized to fit in your hand and dive into tight spaces
  • PowerCell Technology and ForeverFresh Foam cleans in a single swipe
  • Resists bacteria odors with flow-through cells that quickly release water, food, and grease
  • Stand-up and stay-fresh tail allows for faster drying and a longer lasting scrubber
  • Flexible and scratch-free: powerful enough to cut through messes without scratching sensitive surfaces