Quick Dry Cotton Hand Towels Set of 4
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Quick Dry Cotton Hand Towels Set of 4

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These plush hand towels offer a lighter weight, fluffy softness, and quick absorbency, which means ultimate comfort and fast results when drying your hands and face after washing up or drying off after stepping out of a hot shower. Ideal for a home bathroom or as a set when sending the oldest kid off to college, these quick-dry towels bring convenience to the daily routine. Whether hung together in the bathroom or neatly folded and stacked in the closet, you can never have too many towels. 100% cotton, each hand towel measures 26 by 16 inches. Available as a set of 4, in your choice of 6 attractive solid colors.

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Product Description

  • Quick Dry Cotton Hand Towels Set of 4
  • Each Hand towel measures 26 by 16 inches
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Lightweight; quickly absorbs moisture for a cozy feel
  • Simple band and texture detailing adds visual interest whether folded or hanging
  • Set of 4 hand towels, choose from 6 attractive solid colors