Utility Mat by Mohawk
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Utility Door Mat by Mohawk

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The Utility Mat by Mohawk has a textured surface that traps debris from your shoes as you enter into the house. This Utility Mat will keep your entrances way clean of mud, grass and much more from the bottom of your shoes. Simple walk into the house, wipe your feet from debris and VOILÀ, no mess! The Utility Mat measures 17” by 29” making it the perfect fit right inside the front entrance way. Also, this Utility Mat is very easy to clean. Simply shake out! That’s it! Occasionally rinse with a garden hose and allow it to air dry. You can also place the Utility mat in your garage, deck or patio entrance ways. Basically any high traffic areas that you want to protect and keep clean of debris.

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Product Description

  • The Utility Mat by Mohawk is made of 100% vinyl making for easy clean up as all you need to do it shake it out
  • Perfect for keeping your floors clean, the textured surface traps debris
  • Soft and squishy, almost sponge like the Utility Mat will not disappoint
  • The size being 17”x29” is great for all entrance ways, garage, deck or patio
  • Quality by Mohawk Home