Stinky Black Bear Toilet Brush and Holder Set
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Stinky Black Bear Toilet Brush and Holder Set

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Cleaning the bathroom can be a dirty job, but this black bear makes it quite bearable and fun. This funny bear takes a seat next to your seat and holds his nose because, well, it's a stinky job keeping your toilet brush handy. He's creatively cast resin and hand painted in lifelike detail and includes a white plastic toilet brush with nylon bristles. He's humorous, adorable and perfect for smaller spaces and larger bathrooms. This 14.25 inch high, 7.5 inch long, 6.75 inch wide (including the brush) bear will give you and your guests a giggle, and makes an entertaining housewarming gift any wildlife lover is sure to enjoy.

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Product Description

  • Stinky Black Bear Toilet Brush and Holder Set
  • Creatively Cast in Resin and includes a White Plastic Brush 
  • Stiff Nylon Bristles that Clean Under the Toilet Bowl Rim and those Hard to Reach Areas
  • Realistically Textured Black and Brown Hand Painted Finish Gives it a Lifelike Quality
  • A Fun and Decorative Way to Neatly and Discreetly Conceal the Bowl Brush When Not In Use
  • 14.25 inch High, 7.5 inch Long, 6.75 inch Wide (including the brush)