Magnetic Protective Car Windshield Snow Cover
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Magnetic Protective Car Windshield Snow Cover

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Protect your vehicle from the elements all year round with the Magnetic Windshield Protector by Meridian Point. This cover prevents having to scape ice and snow off your windshield during the winter and protects your dash from UV light damage and over heating during the summer. The cover goes on in minutes and is held securely with powerful neodymium magnets that are stitched inside the fabric and won't damage your vehicles paint. Conveniently stores in the included compact carrying pouch.

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Product Description

  • Fits most cars
  • You will no longer need a windshield scraper 
  • Get where you need to do quickly, pulling cover off along with the ice 
  • No more frozen wiper blades
  • Keeps the sun out in the summer
  • Magnets keep ice cover in place 
  • Measures 63" x 37"
  • Comes with a bonus carrying case