Winter Cheer Scented Sachet
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Winter Cheer Scented Sachet 3 Pack

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Gather around the Christmas tree! Indulge in the crisp aroma of evergreen, citrus and holly that will kindle your favorite holiday memories. Get in the yuletide spirit and put these great smelling sachets to work for you by placing them in numerous locations! Sold as set of 3.

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Product Description

  • The Winter Cheer Scented Sachet will keep your home smelling fresh and irresistible!
  • Set of 3 in each order
  • Only the finest ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents of evergreen, citrus and holly!
  • Numerous uses from clothes storage, to gift basket arrangement!
  • Each pack is made in the USA and designed with minimal environmental impact