Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Food Cover
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Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Food Cover

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Keep your microwave clean and splatter-free with the Hover Cover Magnetic Splatter Guard. Specially designed, it has four polymer-encased magnets on top that adhere to the ceiling of your microwave for storage when not in use. Simply pull it down to cover your food while cooking, then put it back when you're done. The built-in steam vents help your food heat evenly. Fits over most plates, bowls and platters. Easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe. BPA-free plastic cover is food safe. 11 3/4"L x 12 3/4"W x 3 3/4"H.

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Product Description

  • HOVER COVER – The Magnetic Microwave splatter guard. Perfect for after school snacks, reheating leftovers and easy meals on the go
  • PROTECTS - Against food splatter and built-in steam vents help heat food evenly. Stays in the microwave, ready for use
  • FITS MOST - Microwave ovens including smaller models. The large 11.5” size fits most plates, bowls & platters
  • MICROWAVE SAFE - Special microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets, Top Rack Dishwasher-Safe, Food-Safe, & BPA-Free
  • EASY TO USE – Pull down to cover and when you’re done, lift and let it hover! Attaches to roof of microwave when not in use