Thermatec Warming Pet Bed
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Thermatec Warming Pet Bed

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Keep your pets warm and cozy with the Thermatec Warming Pet Bed. These self warming beds are the perfect combination of beautiful design and revolutionary technology, proven to keep your pets warmer than all other conventional beds. Pets constantly lose heat, especially when they lay down to rest. Thermatec uses Silvercore Technology, and innovative liner that takes that heat and safely reflects it back to keep your pets warm. Thermatec Warming Pet Beds also insulates in the winter to block out cold air drafts, and allows enough air flow in the summer to keep your pets from overheating.

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Product Description

  • Thermatec Warming Pet Bed
  • Reflects back over 60% of heat pets regularly use
  • helps maintain temperature and prevents overheating
  • no electricity or wire cords
  • Hypo-allergenic and antibacterial materials
  • Uses Silvercore Technology to safely reflect heat back to your pets
  • Made with 100% polyester fiber
  • Filled with premium grade fiber and orthopedic foam
  • approximately 33" x 28" x 10" at the highest point
  • Ped Bed made by Arlee