Shower Splash Clips Set of 4
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Shower Curtain Splash Clips Set of 4

Code: 14492

Our Shower Curtain Splash Clips work by using a small adhesive pad to securely hold the clip to the inside wall of your shower. Then, when it's time to take your shower, you'll close the curtain behind you and secure it in each of the clips you've installed. They'll firmly hold your shower curtain in place. These splash clips will make cleaning up bathroom floor spills a chore of the past!

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Product Description

  • These simple, effective shower curtain splash clips keep your liner flush against your shower walls to cut down on leaks and splashes
  • Simple to install—just peel and stick
  • Reliable performance and solid adhesion
  • Each package contains 4 clips
  • Not recommended for fiberglass tub surrounds
  • Quality by Venturi - SlipX Solutions