Countertop Trash Can
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InterDesign Una Countertop Trash Can

Code: 10849

The InterDesign Una Countertop Trash Can is perfect for any bathroom vanity. Throw away tissues, cotton swabs, and other small items through the swinging lid. The lid is removable to easily empty. The Countertop Trash Can is genius! Have you ever tried throwing a q-tip into the garbage, but miss, and now it’s sitting on the floor behind the toilet, I have. With this Countertop Trash Can is the answer. The trash can is in reach, making it easy to throw the garbage in the trash. It’s cute and tiny, making it unnoticeable sitting on the counter! No more bending to pick up or throw away trash.

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Product Description

  • InterDesign Una Countertop Trash Can is great for vanities and countertops
  • Throw away tissues; cotton swabs; floss; and other small items
  • Features a swing lid to discard trash
  • Lid is removable to easily empty and clean
  • Made of durable plastic
  • 2.8 quart size trash bag
  • Trash Can Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 7" high
  • Quality by InterDesign