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Blackout Roller Shade to 37.25in width

Blackout Roller Shade to  37.25in width

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      • Add insulation and privacy to your rooms with our roller shades that block light completely for that perfect night's sleep!
      • Save energy in the winter and summer with these room darkening insulating shades
      • This straight bottom shade is 100% vinyl coated fiberglass and is a total of 6 feet long
      • Cut to order for your window in 1/4" increments. We typically cut "tip to tip" unless other-wise specified, as it is most accurate.
      • Enter the width that best fits your window to the closest 1/4 inch
      • Please note that we are unable to return any roller shades since they are cut to order so we suggest that you measure your window with an non-bending metal rule for a perfect fit
      • Please allow approximately 1 week ship so we can carefully cut blinds to your exact size

      Measuring for roller shades is not as hard as it looks. Shades can be installed as either an inside or outside mount, depending on the window itself and your preference. Inside mount is best if possible. Follow the steps below in measuring for an inside mount:

      • Inside Mount Window Shade Bracket
        • 1. Using a steel tape measure, measure the exact width of the window opening at the TOP of the window. You will measure from the inside top edge of the window frame left to right. Write down that size making sure that it is the first number of the measurement. This is the width you will order.

        • 2. Our roller shades are a standard 72" length, so as long as your window does not exceed that, the adjustable length will work!
      Click here for Measuring Guide

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